KLIMA - Machines FAQ

KLIMA - Machines FAQ's

Q. What area can a KLIMA machine cover per season

Up to 200Ha per season

Q. How fast can you go

2-6 km/hour depending on vineyard setup and conditions

Q. How long does it take to do a hectare?

Between 1-2 hours depending on vineyard setup and conditions

Q. Can the KLIMA Vine pruner be used in wet conditions


Q. How often should the KLIMA Vine pruner be serviced and what is recommended

An annual service is recommended; bearings and blades sharpened.

Q. How big are the cordons it will process?

It will process a medium sized cordon 10-40mm in diameter without too much trouble, however it has not been designed to remove large old trunks that are have wires deeply imbedded. KLIMA Generation 2 vine pruner will allow you to sustainably spur prune. This means replacing your permanent cordons every 2-5 years.

Q. What area do I need to prune to justify purchasing a KLIMA machine?

The KLIMA system can make a positive impact to even the smallest vineyard, KLIMA customers with vineyards as small as 20-30Ha are achieving a substantial return on their investment in a machine. Try out our vineyard savings calculator to get an idea on what you can save in your vineyard using the KLIMA pruning system.

Q. How quickly will a KLIMA vine pruner pay for itself?

Try out our vineyard savings calculator.These calculations are based on customer experiences. Your savings may be differ based on how you use labour in your vineyard.

Q. What type of tractor do I need?

A cabbed tractor with a ERO mounting plate; tractor needs to be a 80 hp minimum with 45 litres minimum hydraulic flow @ 2800 psi

Q. My tractor has a high hydraulic oil flow do I still need the hydraulic powerpack?

Yes, the power pack runs the cutters only and is required.

Q. How easy is it to operate a KLIMA machine?

Very simple, a user friendly joystick, and with a few hours of training an operator will be competent.

Q. What does the KLIMA unit weigh?

700Kg mast and head. Power pack weighs extra.

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