Vineyard Setup FAQ's

Q. How do I prepare my vineyard for KLIMA pruning?

It's really easy, simply replace your fruiting wire staples with KLIMA self release Vineyards clips and ensure your foliage wires are detachable and you are ready to go. Find out more about about Vineyard Clips

Q. Do I need to replace all the clips in my vineyard?

No, you only need to replace your staples as a bare minimum. In the long term you can gain better efficiencies by installing KLIMA self Releasing Vineyard Clips in your your foliage wire positions. Click here to see clip different combinations

Q. Does the KLIMA system stretch or damage the fruiting wires?

No stretching or damage to wires–there have not been any problems with stretching or wire damage of vineyard wires over thousands of hectares pruned since 2007.

Q. Can we have fruiting wires on opposing sides of my posts?

Yes – although for maximum efficiency and time saving most clients switch their fruiting wires to the same side of the post. If you leave your wires on opposing sides of the post it will take 2 passes to complete 1 row.

Q. I have an older trellis, will it break my wires?

Wire breakages will only occur when there is poor wire joins, wires that are embedded in vine trunks, replacement posts with wires on the wrong side, or staples are not pulled out of posts. Our experience suggests most issues are audited in the first year.

Q. My vineyards are located on a hill can I use KLIMA on this vineyard?

Yes of course, provided you can safely undertake normal tractor work on your vineyard you should be fine.

Q. Will it remove the galvanising layer from my wires resulting in rusting wires?

No, Running KLIMA Machines on your vineyard is no different to using a pre-pruner/barrel pruner or trimmer. Your wires may have some shiny patches on it after pruning but this will not result in rusting wires. KLIMA Generation 2 machine has the option if installing nylon teeth so there is virtually no risk to your wires even getting shiny patches. Click here to learn more

Q. My wires are pretty loose - will it still work OK?

Yes, but we recommend that wires are tensioned correctly.

Q. Will KLIMA work with steel posts?

Yes, no problem as long as your wires are detachable from your steel post you can implement the KLIMA pruning system.

Q. I want to use Eco Trellis Posts for my vineyard are they compatible with the KLIMA pruning System?

Yes absolutely, the Eco Trellis posts are becoming more and more popular with our customers so we have designed a special range of Self Releasing KLIMA clips specifically for the Eco Trellis Posts. Read more about Self Releasing Clips

Q. Is post size important?

No - post size is not important.

Q. Should I replace low quality wire

The better quality your wire is, the better the result you will get from the KLIMA pruning system. Unless our wire is damaged or in danger of breaking for some reason there is probably no need to replace it.

Q. I’m building a new trellis how can I ensure it is future-proofed for KLIMA use?

It’s really easy, just install KLIMA self-releasing vineyard clips on your posts. Use KLIMA Sureflex springs on your short rows (less than 70M long), and you are ready to go.

Q. I’m building a new trellis and I want to future proof it for KLIMA pruning and also use steel posts, is this possible? And if so what posts would you recommend?

Yes, we recommend Eco Trellis posts installed with KLIMA Self Releasing Rotolock vineyard clips for the best of both worlds.

Q. Can KLIMA provide me with advice for designing my new vineyard development?

Yes, of course please contact us here for a free consultation.

Q. My vineyard is quite unique and I think I need more detailed advice on how to convert it. Can a KLIMA expert provide me with advise for the converting my vineyard to allow KLIMA pruning?

Yes, of course please contact us here to arrange a free consultation.

Q. How do I join my wires?

Strainrite crimps and crimping tools, these are the best option for the KLIMA system. They are strong (stronger than the wire), small profile and easy to use. Click here to learn more.

Q. What clips are available and where do they get located on a post?

Click here to view our Clips page which details the different type of clips and their suitability for the KLIMA pruning system and how to arrange them on your posts.

Q. What should I budget to convert my vineyard to KLIMA?

Your conversion costs will depend on your vineyards current setup. KLIMA customers find that they easily recoup their conversion costs in the first season. You will need to budget for - pulling your staples (1-2 per post) and - replacing them with a KLIMA Self Releasing vineyard clip (1-2 per post)

Q. I have some short rows will KLIMA machines work on these?

Yes, we recommend for the best results you install KLIMA Sureflex Vineyard springs on any rows shorter than 70m. Read more about KLIMA Sureflex Vineyard springs

Q. Where do I buy the KLIMA clips and how much are they?

The clips are available at any good agricultural retail store and your rep will provide you with a quote. If you can’t find them in your local store, please contact us and we will arrange for them to get access to the KLIMA Clips and provide you with a quote.

Q. I don’t like using nails to secure my vineyard clips. Can I use screws with your KLIMA Self Releasing clips?

Yes, absolutely, in fact we have a screw that we designed for this exact purpose. Click here to learn more about Wooden Post Trellis Screws.

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