Product Information

Date Launched: 1990's

Position on the posts: Used in the wire lifting positions only.

Why use this clip?: It was invented by Rex Brooke Taylor (founder of Wirecare NZ Ltd) over It is the industry standard, it is strong and robust 10+ year lifespan in the high UV conditions in NZ and it is strong, safe and durable.

Many of the original wirecare clips are still in use today 25years after installation.

Over 100 million clips sold since launching.

KLIMA compatible?
Yes although they are not ideal as they require manual unclipping before the KLIMA machine comes down the row.  They also can have the tendency to get the wires re-hooked in them during KLIMA operation causing the driver to stop, get out and unclip before carrying on(especially in the lower lifting positions).  However in most cases they are Perfectly adequate when used with the KLIMA system.


  • Economical
  • Proven over 2 decades to be a reliable and dependable option for any vineyard
  • Can be used with Wooden and Steel post Vineyard trellis screws

Cons : Not ideal for KLIMA use but still very compatible.

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