• Cane pruning vs Spur pruning

    July 2015

    During our travels we often get asked the same question by growers who are used to spur pruning: Why would you want to cane prune? It’s too expensive if you ask me!

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  • Stop the waste

    June 2015

    Our view is that the world’s very best producers are always looking at ways to minimise wasteful annual operational costs while maintaining or increasing the product quality to their customers. This is the foundation of why they are successful.

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  • Mechanical pruner for vineyards

    Posted by Radio NZ on 6th June 2012

    Innovators Marcus Wickham and Nigel George of Marlborough have developed a mechanical pruner that can be used for cutting, stripping and mulching grapevines.

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  • Kiwi company revolutionises viticulture practices worldwide

    Story by Demm Engineering Magazine 10 July, 2012

    KLIMA has developed a pruning system that recently won two major European trade awards and has been described by European media as a revolutionary step in mechanising viticulture that has the potential to change vineyard practices.

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  • idealog Article

    Story by Josh Martin. Idealog on 23 May 2012

    Kiwi vine pruning machine the toast of Europe’s winemakers.

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  • The KLIMA: a New Zealand innovation

    Jamie Goode's wine blog

    The KLIMA: a New Zealand innovation

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